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20th May 2012

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Again, the Lakers Blow a Lead

Again, leaving me feeling like this.

I feel like Caterpie:

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17th May 2012

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Lakers vs Thunder Game 2: A running blog of the 4th quarter

Complete with gifs!!

We built up a 7 point lead with 2 minutes left and I was like

getting all excited for the last 2 minutes. Then we turned it over twice and gave up 4 straight points and I was like

followed by a missed shot and I was all

then again LA missed a shot and Durant goes and lays it up and in for a 1 point Thunder lead so I was like 

We all expected Kobe to take the last shot, but somehow, white boy Steve Blake takes it! Yes, THE Steve Blake that no one has heard of! So I was all

again. Kobe was looking at him like

And the Lakers lost by 2 after Durant made a free throw after being fouled. So to sum it all up, I went from



as well as

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14th May 2012


When does Game 2 start? 30 points with 1 quarter left is pretty much a done deal. 

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11th May 2012


A collection of GIFs that summarize my feelings about tonight’s Lakers game.

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